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The MICROLAB 600 Universal Valves are used on the Single Syringe Dispenser, Dual Syringe Diluter,  Dual Syringe Dispenser, and Continuous Dispenser.  Adjust the Cross Tube and Valve Plugs to achieve the desired application.

Click here for a complete list of available Valves and Valve Accessories.


The BubbleFreePrime and SaltLine syringes are designed to work with the MICROLAB 600 family of instruments. They have a 5/16-28 threaded connection with a PTFE plunger tip.

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Click here for SaltLine syringes

Hand Probes and Foot Switch

Hamilton Company provides a variety of different hand probes to accommodate any application.

Click here for a complete list of available Hand Probes and Foot Switches.

Upgrade Kits

Upgrade from a Basic to an Advanced Controller or purchase the development tools to program your own user interface for the MICROLAB 600.

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Instruction Manuals

All ML600 manuals are available for download from the "Downloads" button above. If a hard copy replacement manual is preferred they are available for purchase by clicking the link below.

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The  ML600 Fill and Dispense tubing is available as 12 and18 gauge assemblies.  The chemically resistant FEP tubing comes in standard lengths or can be made to custom lengths.

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