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The Complete Liquid Handling Solution

The MICROLAB 600 series is an inexpensive line of instruments which meet the needs of any laboratory demanding an accurate diluter or dispenser for those tasks that are too small to automate and too large to reliably accomplish by hand. The MICROLAB 600 is a highly precise syringe pump available in either a single or dual pump configuration with a graphical user interface which will accurately and precisely aspirate and dispense fluid at the touch of a hand probe button or the tap of a foot switch.

Whatever your application demands, whether it is diluting, titrating, pipetting or dispensing, we can find the right configuration for you.

The MICROLAB 600 builds on the foundations of the hugely successful MICROLAB 500 series and introduces entirely new and innovative technologies throughout the range.

To see the MICROLAB 600 in operation and how to set up and programme the instrument, we have a series of videos available from this link

Innovative and Flexible

Traditionally with liquid handling instruments you would have to choose between Dispensers or Diluters, not so with the MICROLAB 600 series which includes innovative and flexible valve technology that offers all functions from the same instrument. The MICROLAB 600 series incorporates the new Universal Valves which are used on both the Single Syringe and Dual Syringe Instruments. Simply by using the Cross Tube and Valve Plugs, the instruments offer Diluter, Dispenser and Continuous Flow functionality.

You have essentially 2 instruments in one, supporting any application.

Built to exceed expectations....

• Flexible application driven technology, expandable, unlimited functionality
• Supporting: LC, GC, ICP, IC,NMR, UV,UVF. Delivering unsurpassed accuracy and precision

In the lab....

• Validated procedure, documented & traceable

microlab 600 compliance package