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Hamilton Liquid Handling

Microlab 500 Series Accessories

We offer a wide range of Hamilton replacement parts and accessories for the MICROLAB 500 including:

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Hamilton syringes precision-machined PTFE-tipped plungers. For use on the ML500 diluters and dispensers.
Volume 10ul 25ul 50ul 100ul 250ul 500ul 1ml 2.5ml 5ml 10ml 25ml
Model 1701 1702 1705 1710 1725 1750 1001 1002 1005 1010 1025

TLL with stop
(Reagent Syringe)
  80222 80922 81022 81122 81222 81323        
DX, Diluter
with stop
(Sample Syringe)
  80226 80926 81026 81126 81226 81326        
Luer Lock
            81323 81420 81520 81620 82521
Salt Line Syringes
Luer Lock
        203220 203230 203240 203250 203260 203270  

Standard ML500 Valves
Flow Diagrams
Part #
ML500 Compatibility
HV, single valve
ML501A, ML510B, ML511C, ML560
Diluter, dual valve
ML503A, ML530B, ML531C
ML500 Dispenser Valve
Dispenser, dual valve
ML504A, ML540B, ML541C

PTFE Tubing Assemblies for ML500 valves with M6 threads
Non-Tapered Tubing

Tapered Tubing
Gauge/Length/Hub Style
Approx Dead Volume µL
Used with Syringe Volumes
Fill Tubing
Dispense Tubing
18/650 mm/1 hub, M6
510 µL
less than or equal to 1 mL
18/900 mm/1 hub, M6
702 µL
less than or equal to 1 mL
12/650 mm/1 hub, M6
2042 µL
greater than 1 mL
12/900 mm/1 hub, M6
2827 µL
greater than 1 mL

Hand Probe
Concorde Push-button Hand Probe
Fits easily into the hand for index-finger actuation.
Accommodates either 12-gauge or 18-gauge tubing.

Part # Instrument
55730-01 ML500 Series
spacer Concorde Probe

  Dual Push-button Hand Probe
Fits into your hand in a pistol-grip fashion for thumb actuation. Accommodates either 12-gauge or 18-gauge tubing.
Part # Instrument
62541-01 ML500 Series
Dual Probe

Foot Switch
Activate your diluter and dispenser with the tap of a foot instead of by hand.
Part # Instrument
77004 ML500 Series
Large Volume Sample Probe