Hamilton PB600 Repeating Dispenser
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Hamilton Liquid Handling
PB600 Repeating Dispensers

The PB-600 Repeating Dispensers consistently dispense sample up to 50 times with the push of a button.

Dispense volumes are between 0.2 µL - 50 µL. The PB-600 works with MICROLITER or GASTIGHT® syringes from 10 µL to 2.5 mL.

Use the repeating dispenser with cemented needles (N), removable needles (RN), Luer Ttip (LT), or PTFE luer lock (TLL) syringes.

Also available are optional disposable tips, which eliminate sample cross-contamination.

PB600 Repeating Dispenser from Hamilton
Ordering information:
      Hamilton Point Style 3 Hamilton Needles Not Included Hamilton Point Style 3 Hamilton Point Style 3 Hamilton Needle with Luer Slots Hamilton Needle with TLL Slots
µL per Dispense
Repeating Dispenser Part#
Total Syringe Volume
Point style 3
Needles not included
Point style 3
Point style 3
Needles not included
0.2 µL
10 µL
0.5 µL
25 µL
1 µL
50 µL
2 µL
100 µL
5 µL
10 µL
500 µL
20 µL
1 mL
50 µL
2.5 mL

Syringes not included with PB600 dispenser
* Luer tip cemented needle (LTN)