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Precision Glassblowing

Introducing the WORLD’S Source for ICP & ICP-MS Glassware Precision Glassblowing, your one-stop source for all your ICP and laboratory glassware needs, from stock ICP torches to custom wavelength reference cells for physics research.
Precision Glassblowing are:
• Trusted consumables providers
• A highly skilled quartz and borosilicate manufacturing company working in sizes from microbore to large reactor vessels, with the largest selection of ICP nebulizers available. • Acknowledged for quality along with competitive pricing
• Also specialising in tubing lines for peristaltic pumps

ESSLAB offer a 100% guarantee of quality of these products which suitably support our clients currently using Agilent, Thermo, Perkin Elmer, Inorganic Ventures and Accredited Standards instruments and products ensuring you realise and reach your analytical targets.

Supplying OEM replacement parts for;
• Agilent • Baird • Finnigan • JY/Instruments SA • PerkinElmer • Spectro • Thermo • Teledyne Leeman and others

Our ICP & ICP-MS catalogue (PDF) is available for download HERE or request a hard copy HERE